Weeding, Launching, Traditional marriage, Town development, New yam festival, and all umuibe ceremony and cultural heritages.


Here at Umuibe we welcome advertisement. We use this medium to present to the word you up coming event. IGBO marriage ceremony and weeding has been a traditional enshrined into every umuibe culture. Traditional weeding preparation and announcement. Endorse your friend weeding.  Present your girl ASHEBI event.  The dress, style and all the test that make ashebi to be called ashebi.

Your specific town New Yam Festival: Ibos celebrate festival. This is a place to show others that your own town is next onboard to celebrate the new yam.

Town fund raising and lunching. Show who is who in your local town development by presenting the event to umuibe in general.

Graduation ceremony of you child daughter friends and is a remarkable event to proudly present to umuibe.

Contact us for more information on how to place you add advertisement and all notice.

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